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v12.1.1 (2023-12-01)
  • Support customizing GA4 Report connector based on metrics and dimensions.

  • Add a Report screen for each connector.

  • Introduce a Starter package and enhance the new account creation process.

  • Improve transaction history loading speed, display the total amount in the list, and add filtering by transaction type "Send ZNS via flow."

  • Enhance the loading speed of detailed campaign sending results.

  • Upgrade the Zalo OA connector interface: include additional information such as the current package in use, package expiration date, and the number of campaign messages sent in the last 7 days.

  • CSV: Support sharing permissions Public/Private for each file.

  • Campaigns using Excel files: exclude hidden sheet data.

  • Support viewing all ZNS message templates along with their status.

  • History of sending ZNS via flow: include template information.

  • Fix issue with not generating payment transactions when ZNS campaigns encounter errors.

  • Fix incorrect display of SendToField information in the campaign editing screen.

  • Resolve issue with only recording RefferentId from the last batch when sending a large quantity of ESMS advertisement messages.

  • Improve performance and fix other minor bugs.

v12.1.0 (2023-11-01)
  • Upgrade the new account creation flow.

  • Support pinning frequently used menus.

  • Campaigns: Support configuring campaign runs per minute instead of just per hour as before.

  • Haravan: Support Loyalty integration.

  • Vietguys: Receive feedback on the results of sending advertising messages.

  • eSMS: Support viewing a list of registered advertising message templates.

  • VmgSms: Add webhook information for registration with the VMG team.

  • Fix an issue where campaign schedules are altered when edited.

  • Preview ZNS message templates: Preview all types of templates.

  • Bug fixes and improvements.

v12.0.8 (2023-10-02)
  1. Add CSV integration.

  2. Support pinning connections.

  3. Support viewing quality information for ZNS messages.

  4. Flow: Support triggers from events in Nhanh.

  5. Flow: Integrate an activity to check the existence of orders into the event trigger for order updates.

  6. Flow: Integrate an activity to check the existence of products into the event trigger for product updates.

  7. Support creating/exporting service accounts.

  8. Support configuring data source changes for the Recommendation module.

  9. Add the ability to receive feedback for messages sent from VMG.

  10. Pancake Pages: Add reminders for connections that are about to expire.

v12.0.7 (2023-09-01)
  1. Add Mailchimp integration.

  2. Update the data structure lookup interface.

  3. Update the campaign creation interface.

  4. Add Meta Graph integration.

  5. ESMS Campaign: Support sending advertising messages and receiving feedback after sending messages.

  6. Update the SMS campaign creation interface by message type: Customer Service (CSKH) / Advertising (QC).

  7. Improve the performance of the Connection Management screen.

  8. Email Dashboard Monitoring: Support advanced schedule configuration using CRON.

  9. Support monitoring of question reports via email.

  10. Update the Role creation/edit interface.

  11. Vietguys Campaign: Support sending advertising messages.

  12. ESMS Integration: Display account balance.

  13. Add feedback screen.

  1. Coupon Template: Support creating and exporting promotional codes to Excel.

  2. Add Mailchimp integration.

  3. Add OpenAI integration (Beta).

  4. Flows: Add triggers for user feedback and ratings events.

  5. Flows: Add the CheckSentimentActivity to detect the sentiment of messages (using OpenAI integration).

  • Update the forgot password process.

  • Introduce Chatbot (Beta).

  • Provide suggestions for the SendTo field when creating campaigns.

  • Add Facebook Page Insights connection.

  • Group Facebook Ads and Facebook Page Insights under a single Facebook connection.

  • Include LinkedIn Ads connection.

  • Introduce YouTube Analytics connection.

  • Support preview of SMS and ZNS messages displayed on mobile devices.

  • Implement filtering by status on the campaign results viewing screen.

  • Add Instagram Business connection.

  • Include TikTok connection.

  • Modify role creation/editing screen: enable mass selection/deselection for permissions table.

  • Check runtime duration when creating VmgSms campaigns.

  • Display ZNS limits on ZaloOA connections.

  • Support sending test messages for Esms, Vietguys, VmgSms connections.

  • Enable sending test emails for BluecoreMail, Gmail, Brevo, MailServer connections.

  • Campaign creation: Automatically detect metabase/google sheet URLs when pasted into the input.

  • Utilize Haravan connections to create coupons instead of the HaravanCoupon connection.

  • Add Member Activities lookup screen.

  • Support sending emails to the subscriber list for any issues related to connections.

  • Introduce PowerBI connection.

  • Support setting up webhooks on Kiotviet connections.

  • Display the number of messages that will be sent when creating and previewing campaigns.

  • Add MS SQL Server connection (Beta).

  • Display warnings when creating repetitive campaigns using Excel files.

  • Support defining table names when adding new Google Sheet connections.

  • Support sending test ZNS messages.

  • Allow the use of separate BigQuery when creating an account.

  • Google Sheet: Support filtering by active status.

  • Allow using Excel files without adhering to templates when creating campaigns.

  • Add a To-Do widget.

  • Support deactivating Google Sheet connections.

  • Enable sending advertising campaigns via VmgSms connections.

  • Add Base WeWork connection.

  • Support real-time data querying for Haravan, Shopify, Nhanh, Kiotviet, Lazada, TikTokShop connections.

  • Introduce support for the @coupon_end_date parameter when composing content for campaign messages.

  • Enable webhook support for the Haravan coupon creation event.

  • Introduce the ability to create flows through Bluecore Flow (Beta).

  • Update the Top Viewed Report & Top Viewed Dashboard widgets.

  • Update with a new interface design.

  • Enhance support for multiple ZaloOA and Nhanh connections.

  • Introduce VmgSms connection.

  • Add a screen for managing tokens used to access APIs.

  • Include Base Workflow connection.

  • Support creating free shipping codes for Haravan promotional templates.

  • Update the dashboard widget to display usage statistics.

  • Introduce Google Analytics 4 connector.

  • Support Data Dictionary lookup across various connectors.

  • Include Base Request connector.

  • Update the BluecoreInternalData connector.

  • Add reporting library.

  • Implement API support for sending SMS messages.

  • Add email reminders for connection renewal on Shopee.

  • Introduce OneDriveExcelFile and MicrosoftAccount connections.

  • Enable receipt of feedback on sent messages from Vietguys.

  • Support customization of widgets (add, delete, move, resize) within the Customer360 screen.

  • Check and provide warnings for message content when previewing campaigns.

  • Display the next runtime when setting up recurring campaigns.

  • Enable defining combo promotion codes.

  • Introduce MySql and Tiki connections.

  • Support adding TikTok Shop connection from the TikTok Marketplace.

  • Allow defining minimum purchase quantity for Haravan promotion code templates.

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